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Best Bakkie Canopy for Your 4X4 Adventures

April 21, 2017

Once you have your dream bakkie and your ultimate bakkie canopy what’s next? An adventure of course! And thanks to said canopy, no adventure is too messy or rough.

Where will your bakkie take you?

To the desert? A mountain? You need to be prepared, and thorough planning will make all the difference between a successful trip – and a disastrous one. You need to prepare for whatever the adventure throws at you.

The most obvious form of planning? Lists, lists and more lists! Plan ahead for any eventuality. Luckily, security is not one of your biggest worries, since all your goods will be secure inside your canopy, at least some of your worries will be put to rest. Modular box units are super useful for freeing up space in your bin, and come in full and 3/4 sizes. You can even customise them to suit your needs. Modular build system for easy interchange or combine functionality.

One powerful combination is a full size kitchen unit and 3/4 recovery unit. For those more relaxed expeditions a 3/4 unit will do! The choice is yours. Now that you’ve done all your planning, it’s time to get moving!

You will feel a whole range of emotions on your trip. Visiting a dream destination for the first time, leaving home for a while –whatever your situation – you are bound to feel a whole bunch of emotions.

As with most adventures, the return to reality is the hardest. Filled with lasting memories and stories, who knows what will happen on your adventure with your trusty bakkie and canopy.

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