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Upgrade your Bakkie!

March 17, 2017

Tonneau Covers

Getting a little bored of your bakkie? Whether you are tired of the same old features and parts, or just fancy a bit of a change, there are many ways to transform your bakkie into a new and unique vehicle – and at an affordable price – thanks to Andy Cab.

Tonneau cover Isuzu KB
Yes, you may have gone a long time without one and may be wondering why you should get one now, but the best thing about tonneau covers is that they save money. These covers transform the back of your bakkie into a sheltered compartment that protects whatever you have in the back. And – best of all – you can get your tonneau cover for only R1,900 from Andy Cab. A small price for shelter and security.

Tinted Windows

And oldie but a goodie, tinted windows will never go out of style. Besides making your bakkie look better, tinting your windows decreases the heat inside your vehicle by up to 78%, which in turn reduces the demand for AC use. This has a significant impact on how much fuel you use, which saves you money. Another benefit tinted windows have on your interior is that they reduce interior fading and hazardous glare. These are more than enough reasons to get your windows tinted today, especially since you can have it done for only R2,100 at Andy Cab.

Roller Covers

Roller Covers
Roller covers don’t only protect whatever you’re keeping in the back, but they also give your bakkie a smooth and sleek look. Andy Cab promises to “supply roller covers of the highest-quality and fitted by our professional technicians.” Prices still TBA.

Poly Bakkie Bin Lining

bakkie bin linings - Chev Ute
Polyurethane bakkie bin linings are growing in popularity among bakkie owners. This particular feature protects against the wear and tear caused by the constant bumping, scratching and scraping that the loading bay is under. The lining is sprayed on, and forms a “permanent tough and water resistant ‘skin’ for your loading bay.” Andy Cab only charges R2,200 for this high-grade quality polyurethane product.

Half Canopy

If you want protection from sudden changes in the weather, yet also want to have quick access to the goods you have in your bakkie, the new half canopy is the perfect solution. Price is on request so contact Andy Cab today to find out how much you will be paying for this solution.

Canopy Locks & Locking Systems

Canopy Locks
Security is very important, and with Andy Cab being the authorised canopy fitment centre and suppliers of the unique Grip-Tech locking systems, bakkie owners can have peace of mind. These nearly unbreakable locking systems provide unmatched security for bakkie canopies and are compatible with existing T-handle systems. These locks can be fitted to most makes and models, and you also have the option of including pull rods or cable connectors to your current T-handle or Push button. These locking systems will only cost you R740.

Upgrade your Bakkie!

With all these upgrades and adjustments available to you at such affordable prices, you have no reason not to get an upgrade at Andy Cab today.

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March 17, 2017

Upgrade your Bakkie!

Tonneau Covers Getting a little bored of your bakkie? Whether you are tired of the same old features and parts, or just fancy a bit…