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Why Buy? The Best in Bakkie Canopies Explains 1

What are Bakkie Canopies?


Bakkie canopies are a part of our South African culture. They’re a high-quality fibreglass structure that is fitted to the load bay of a bakkie for the purpose of providing shelter or shade. Bakkie canopies have become an integral part of bakkie culture and a must have feature for almost all bakkie owners. It provides practical solutions for storage and transportation of goods, tools, equipment and is useful for extending the versatility of the vehicle and often, increasing the sell ability of your vehicle in the long run.

Although we’re not going to focus too much on how they’re made, if you’d like to know how fibre glass started – Check out our previous post on fibreglass and why we love it!

The Benefits of Bakkie Canopies

Road Runner range Platimum range of canopies

Many ask themselves when buying a bakkie with a canopy, if they’ll use it and if it will enhance their vehicle in any way – to those people we say – YES! People would always assume that bakkies are purchased mainly to be used for work purposes but the popularity of bakkies has been increased to be used as family and leisure vehicles instead. Making for increasingly more stylish canopies that will not only make the bakkie more usable through all weather conditions – but also, through Andy Cab’s slimline design, increase the ‘drive appeal’. Over and above the good looks, the various benefits of having a bakkie canopy include:

  • Increased loading space – extended by using roof rails
  • All-year round & All-weather protection – through extensive manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Business and/or leisure usability through increased flexibility of the load bay
  • Security – transport expensive goods, tools or sports and hobbie equipment without having to worry about items being removed while driving or stopping in traffic.
  • Safety – To make sure your furry friends (i.e. pets … unless you indeed have a furry friend) are safely transported comfortably or just making sure that any goods, garments, furniture or food is securely transported at the back of your bakkie, then a canopy is a must have.

Andy Cab pet canopy

Canopies are an investment, whether you use your bakkie for business or leisure, our canopies are perfectly designed  not only to protect your goods, but to add security and safety for your load bay. Our canopies and accessories are made from quality, highly durable materials for a longer lifespan as it handles the toughest weather conditions year after year. But choosing the right canopy for you is important – so make sure you check out our Back to Basics: Buying a Bakkie Canopy article – which includes some of the best bakkie accessories on the market!

For high-quality fibreglass canopies and the widest selection of bakkie canopy fitment centres across South Africa, choose an Andy Cab Canopy.