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Why is an Andy Cab Bakkie Canopy Better?

Our local manufacturing process combines internationally recognised market leading components and materials, to produce handmade bakkie canopies for every leading utility vehicle brands, which include:

• Toyota
• Ford
• Isuzu
• Nissan
• Chevrolet
• Volkswagen
• Opel
• Mazda

More than 20 years of canopy production experience means that we use only the best moulds and skilled artisans, to ensure the structural integrity of all our products.

A hand sanding process smooths off the fibreglass, which prepares each canopy to receive layers of industrial UV-resistant gel coatings that prevent the canopy from flaking and discolouring. Sealants are then applied to completely weatherproof each unit, helping us create the best fitted bakkie canopies for South African vehicles, that includes an industry leading canopy warranty.

We offer a variety of no-nonsense features on our canopies to suit the most discerning of bakkie owners. Our Platinum range of Andy Cab Canopies come fitted with stylish curved rear window design with dual locking mechanisms, mounted high level brake light with versatile roof racks, tinted and glazed safety sliding windows, air flow ducting with nozzle outlets and vehicle unique paint coatings that never fade!

Our RoadRunner bakkie canopy range is suited for commercial and fleet vehicles. They are made with the same high-quality materials as the Platinum models. Built to carry all types of cargo, they include features such as glazed flush windows with rugged rear door fixtures and SABS approved glass. The RoadRunner canopy can have a customized finish to match corporate branding or other bakkie colour requirements.

Whether it’s for the farm or the city, Andy Cab Canopies are an all-purpose bakkie essential, for business and leisure. For a product that protects and enhances your vehicle, request a canopy quotation from us today or visit one of our fitment centres nationwide.


Our Range of Bakkie Canopies

platinum bakkie canopies

Platinum Features:

  • Automotive styled curved glass rear door with dual side locking mechanism
  • Roof spoiler with high-level brake light
  • Stylish roof side rails
  • Integrated fresh air ducting for direct air flow
  • Overhead ceiling console incorporating air nozzle outlets & interior light
  • Flush-mount side sliding windows sealed into purpose moulded drip cavity
  • Smokey-grey safety glass
  • UV resistant gel coat
  • Professional colour matching with UV protection & fade-free paint

bakkie canopies paint

roadrunner bakkie canopies

Roadrunner Features:

  • Glazed, flush mounted sliding windows
  • Fibreglass rear door with glazed rear window
  • Fixed glass panel, with option to upgrade to cab slider
  • SABS-approved glass and windows
  • Professionally colour matching available with UV & fade-free paint
  • UV-resistant gel coating