Our Canopy Range

We manufacture and sell top quality local canopies and canopy accessories that are rugged and waterproof, with a high build quality that can match the lifetime of your vehicle. Our canopies are built from the best components to create a product which is suited for both commercial and private vehicles. Our Platinum and RoadRunner bakkie canopies are manufactured with various features to guard your payload with a design that enhances your utility vehicle’s looks.


An Andy Cab fibreglass canopy is more than a simple bakkie accessory; it’s a durable extension of your vehicle that protects cargo and adds transport capabilities.

Why Us

For over 20 years, Andy Cab Canopies has produced fibreglass canopies in Cape Town to international quality standards. From South Africa’s bestselling Hilux canopy models through to Ford Canopies built tough, Andy Cab stocks all the major bakkie brands with customized fittings and colour variations for each specific vehicle model. The result is the most durable and best looking fibreglass canopy for your bakkie.