Chevrolet Canopies

The last generation of the Chevrolet Utility half ton bakkie was first offered for sale in South Africa in 2011 and was a strong seller until General Motors’ withdrawal from the local market in 2017. It occupied a market sector that was very popular with buyers, yet strangely suffered from a lack of competition; in fact, the Nissan NP200 is now the only half ton bakkie in the country. Be that as it may, there are thousands of Chevrolet Utility bakkies running around on South African roads and as long as there is a demand, we will manufacture and offer canopies for sale on them.

Our Chevrolet Canopy Range

Half Ton Canopy

Chevrolet Utility

Available Extras for our Canopies

Depending on the way you use your Chevrolet Utility, several optional extras are for sale. You can have a choice of sporty or cab-over roof racks fitted and if you are going to transport heavier loads on the roof, you can request a specially reinforced roof. If you are going to use your bakkie for hauling goods, we can fit a protective polyurethane bin liner and if you want to use it as a panel van, we can blank out the side glass. We can also fit safety/doggy bars and a slider cab window.

Andy Cab can provide the smart and durable canopy your Chev Ute deserves.

Roadrunner Canopy

Our Roadrunner canopy is carefully moulded and hand-finished to fit the sloping profile of the Chevrolet Utility’s load box to perfection. The white UV-resistant gelcoat is colour matched to the Chevrolet white and if you choose a colour coded canopy it will be professionally colour matched to your bakkie’s paintwork. All glass in the sliding side windows and rear fibreglass door uses is automotive grade safety glass. We are so confident in the quality of our bakkie canopies that we offer the Chev Utility’s canopy with a 3-year warranty on the fibreglass shell and one year on the mechanical parts. For additional peace of mind, you are free to bring it back after six weeks for a final adjustment, tightening, and fitting service. Lastly, all the canopies we offer for sale for all brands come with free 6-montly lubrication services for three years.