GWM Canopies

Since the first range of GWM bakkies was launched in South Africa in 2007, the brand has arguably become the most established Chinese automaker in South Africa. They have expanded their range greatly in the meantime and now have several product lines available for sale. Andy Cab manufactures a range of canopies for the single-cab and double-cab GWM Steed 5 bakkies and now the GWM P Series canopies.

Quality Guaranteed

As is the case with the canopies we offer for sale for all the bakkie brands, the GWM Steed 5 & GWM P Series canopies’ precision moulds are polished and finished by hand to ensure a perfect fit.

They are professionally colour-matched and use a UV-resistant gel coat to prevent fading. We use only automotive grade safety glass for all windows. For your peace of mind, the fibreglass shell is guaranteed for three years and all mechanical parts for one year.

Included in the price is a final fitting, tightening, and adjustment service after the first six weeks and 6-monthly lubrication services for three years.

Roadrunner Canopy

Several Roadrunner canopies are offered for sale for the LWB single-cab GWM Steed 5 & GWM P Series models: both low roof and high roof derivatives, with a choice of side windows or blanksides. A list of optional extras is available for customising your Roadrunner to your needs, like cab-over or sporty roof racks, a reinforced fibreglass roof for heavier roof loads, anti-smash-and-grab window-protection film, doggy/safety bars, and a cab slider window. We can also fit your bakkie with a tough polyurethane bin lining.

Platinum Canopy

Platinum canopies are reserved for the lifestyle double cab GWM Steed 5 & GWM P Series bakkies and they differ from the Roadrunner in a few ways. Their side glass is flush-mounted into moulded drip cavities, they feature a smart roof spoiler with integrated brake light, and the curved-glass rear door has a dual-side locking mechanism. Lastly, an interior roof console is fitted, complete with a light. The same optional extras offered for the Roadrunner is also for sale for the Platinum.