KIA Canopies

Kia Motors offers 2 derivatives of their popular flatbed bakkie with a payload of 1,3 t, the K2700 and K2500. The K2700 is the workhorse and the K2500 is a more luxurious and powerful turbocharged model. Both offer a flatbed with no wheel-arch intrusion and Andy Cab offers canopies that will fit on both of these Kia bakkies. These flatbed pick-ups are very popular in South Africa, thanks to their low running costs and impressive load capacity.

Our KIA K2700 Canopy


We offer several optional extras for sale for all our KIA canopies, and these include different styles of roof racks, safety/doggy bars, a cab slider window, a specially reinforced fibreglass roof for heavy loads, anti-smash-and-grab window tinting film, and a polyurethane bin lining.

Quality Control

We don’t compromise on quality and every Andy Cab canopy’s precision mould is hand-finished and covered in a tough UV-resistant gel coat. We only use automotive quality safety glass. So confident are we of our canopies’ quality that we guarantee the shell for 3 years and the mechanical parts for 1 year. Additionally, a 6-month adjustment service is included for free, as are six 6-monthly lubrication services.

Spec It Up

You can spec up your Kia canopy to suit your needs. We can supply our canopies with a choice of roof racks and a reinforced fibreglass roof if you want to carry rooftop loads with it. We can also fit safety (doggy) bars, a tough polyurethane bin lining, or anti-smash-and-grab window tinting. We can even colour-match it to your business branding.