Opel Canopies

Bakkie versions of both of the first two generations of Opel Corsa compact hatchback were available for sale in South Africa and they proved very popular for their sprightly performance, good economy, and spacious load bin. The second-generation Opel Corsa Utility sold in big numbers in South Africa and the range was extensive, with 1,4-litre and 1,8-litre petrol engines and a 1,7-litre turbo-diesel engine available in various trim levels. At the end of its life, it was rebadged as a Chevrolet Utility, but the canopies that we offer for sale for this now-discontinued favourite will fit either of these bakkies.

Our Opel Canopy Range

Quality Comes Standard

All the Opel bakkie canopies that we offer for sale are made the same way. The high-precision mouldings are individually inspected for accuracy and hand-finished. Thereafter, they are professionally colour-matched and the paint or gelcoat used is UV resistant to preserve their finish and colour. Rubber glazed windows are fitted, and all glass is automotive quality. To underscore out commitment to quality, our canopies’ shells are guaranteed for three years and all mechanical parts for one year. Included in the price is a service after six weeks to do the final tightening, fitting, and adjustment, as well as 6-monthly lubrication services for three years.

Customize Your Canopy

The Roadrunner canopies that we fit to the Opel and Chevrolet bakkies are available with several optional extras; for example, we can blank out the side windows for you if you want to use it as a panel van. Other features that are ideal for a work bakkie is our tough polyurethane bin liner, a choice of cab-over or sporty roof racks, and a reinforced fibreglass roof for carrying heavier roof loads. Additionally, we can apply anti-smash-and-grab window tinting to all the glass or install safety/doggy bars or a cab slider window.

So, whether you drive a second-generation Opel Corsa bakkie or any of the Chev Ute bakkies, we have top-quality canopies for sale for all these models.