Toyota Hilux Canopies

Our durable range of Toyota canopies are designed to fit the Toyota Hilux Double Cab, Toyota Hilux Extra Cab and Toyota Hilux Single Cabs. For each of these Toyota bakkie shapes we have the canopy for you, whether it be a Nosecone canopy for your LWB or a colour coded canopy for the Legend 50.

Our Toyota Hilux Canopy Range

Double Cab Canopy

Toyota Hilux 2016 to Current

Extended Cab Canopy

Toyota Hilux 2016 to Current

Single Cab Canopy

Toyota Hilux 2016 to Current

Double Cab Canopy

Toyota Hilux 2005 to 2015

Courier Canopy

Toyota Hilux 2016 to Current

Canopy Extras

All of our Toyota canopies are customisable according to your lifestyle needs. Our optional extras include roof racks, doggy bars, cab slider windows, polyurethane bin lining, window smash n grab and much more, all will add value to your Toyota canopy. For any queries about customising your canopy, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get your Hilux canopy matched to your needs.

Roadrunner Canopy

The roadrunner canopy is available for all shapes of the Toyota Hilux bakkie range. The features of the Andy Cab canopies range for the Hilux are:

  • High roof and Nosecone, and low roof options for single cab bakkies
  • Low Roof options only for Hilux Double Cab and Extra Cab
  • Convert any canopy into a blankside canopy
  • Fibreglass rear door and glazed window
  • Fibreglass Shell comes with a 3 year warranty
  • 1 year Warranty included on mechanical parts

Platinum Canopy

If you have the Hilux Legend 50 or just looking to upgrade and have a canopy that complements your Toyota bakkie then the Andy Cab. Platinum canopy is for you.  will complement  is available for theToyota Hilux LWB single cab, Xtra cab and double cab models.

Features include:

  • Smoke grey frameless glass side mounted windows
  • Curved rear glass door
  • High Level Brake Light built into integrated spoiler

Peace of Mind for your Canopy

As with all our canopies, we apply strict quality standards to all Toyota canopies by using the highest quality materials. Additionally, all our Hilux bakkie canopies benefit from our 3 year warranty on the shell and 1 year warranty on all components. With a host of Andy Cab fitment centres across South Africa and the fact that our canopies are locally made and parts come from South African suppliers you know can walk away knowing that you have peace of “canopy” with your Hilux bakkie and canopy.