Volkswagen Canopies

Since first being offered for sale in 2010, the Volkswagen Amarok has set the cat amongst the pigeons in the pickup market. It displayed a breadth of abilities that has still not been bettered today, especially in terms of ride and handling, quality, and comfort. Despite the fact that Volkswagen was a new player in a fiercely brand-loyal local bakkie market, the Amarok has consistently been in the top 5 on the sales charts. We offer top-quality canopies for sale for this popular VW bakkie that perfectly match its style and quality.

Our VW Amarok Canopy 

Double Cab Canopy

Volkswagen Amarok


We offer several optional extras for sale for all our VW canopies, and these include different styles of roof racks, safety/doggy bars, a cab slider window, a specially reinforced fibreglass roof for heavy loads, anti-smash-and-grab window tinting film, and a polyurethane bin lining.

VW Amarok Canopy

Thanks to driving more like an SUV than a bakkie, the VW Amarok has become popular as a lifestyle vehicle for families and less as a workhorse, which explains why Volkswagen South Africa eventually withdrew the single-cab workhorse model, opting to market only the double-cab models. However, we still offer a Roadrunner canopy for all the drivers out there already owning single-cab LWB VW Amarok pickups.

If you drive a VW Amarok, you probably have high expectations of the quality, fit, and finish of any canopy fitted to your bakkie. The bakkie canopies Andy Cab offers for sale for all Volkswagen Amaroks are made from precisely manufactured, hand-finished moulds that are carefully colour-matched to your vehicle before the canopy is coated with a tough, UV-resistant gel coating to resist fading and peeling for years.


Flagship Platinum Canopy

Our flagship Platinum canopy is the only one we offer for sale for the double-cab VW Amarok and comes standard with several features befitting its status, like a curved-glass rear door with dual-side locking mechanism, a roof spoiler with integrated brake light, stylish roof rails, and interior fresh-air ducting and an interior light, integrated in a roof console.

Several optional extras are for sale for our Volkswagen bakkie canopies, depending on the way you want to use your Amarok, and these included reinforced fibreglass roofs for carrying heavier rooftop loads, anti-smash-and-grab window tinting, a cab slider window, doggy/safety bars and a bin lining to protect the load box from damage. All our canopies are covered by a 3-year warranty on the shell and one year on the mechanical parts. Also included are a free 6-week adjustment service and 6-monthly lubrication services for three years.