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Bakkie bursting through sand during Eastern Cape 4x4 Trails

Following our travels to discover the best 4×4 trails in South Africa, our next stop just had to be the picturesque Eastern Cape 4×4 trails that are on offer.

The Eastern Cape boasts great expanses of untamed terrain; beaches, rugged landscapes and riverside challenges that await!

The trails we have chosen accommodate different difficulty levels for your skill set and we have gone the extra mile to bring you only the best that South Africa has to offer in off-road sports.
If you think we’ve left out any amazing 4×4 spots, leave your comment below so that we can go check it out!

Bakkie bursting through sand during Eastern Cape 4x4 Trails

4×4 Trail Grades
Before you read further, brush up on the grading system to make sure you check out the spots that suit your skill level:
Grade 1: Easy – Suitable for 4×4 novices or 4x2s with differential lock
Grade 2: Easy to Moderate – Suitable for 4x4s and all-wheel drive vehicles with traction control
Grade 3: Moderate – Only suitable for vehicles with low range gearing
Grade 4: Difficult – Suitable for experienced drivers; low range and differential lock
Grade 5: Extreme – Suitable for experts, not for solo trips; low range, high ground clearance, traction control or differential locks – Recovery back-up essential

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Finding The Best 4×4 Trails In South Africa – Eastern Cape

Brakkeduine 4x4 Trail



Grade: 3-5
Terrain: Sand, Bushy
Closest Town: Humansdorp
With a great variety of tricky areas to navigate, Brakkeduine offers a 14-kilometre circular trail that can be completed in about three hours, depending on how serious you are. Most visitors tend to complete the trail over 24 hours, stopping for a spot of fishing or relaxing by the Klipdrift Dam. The area offers sandy stretches, exhilarating ascends and descends, dunes and some areas that are dense with bushy flora.
Booking is essential! To discover the Brakkeduine 4×4 Trail, contact +27 (0)83 400-3720 or +27 (0)82 336- 2055.


Baviaans Lodge 4×4

Grade: 2-3
Terrain: Gravel, rock and unmaintained farm roads
Closest Town: Baviaanskloof
Perfect for beginners, the Baviaans Lodge 4×4 trail is a 33km track that will take anywhere between four and five hours. The view includes the majestic mountains, unique valleys and a large variety of game, predators and birds that make this World Heritage Site their home. Discover the hidden gems of San artworks on the rock faces or stop for a quick hike to enjoy the spectacular view.
Learn more about the Baviaans Lodge 4×4 trail here.


 view of Soetendalspoort 4x4 Trail

Soetendalspoort 4×4

Grade: 3-4
Terrain: Sand, rock, riverbeds
Closest Town: Willowsmore
Just far enough from civilization to allow you to completely immerse yourself in the untouched lands of the Karoo, Soetendalspoort offers three shorter routes to choose from, each as amazing as the other. These trails are great to treat the family with, as there are just enough obstacles to get a serious thrill without breaking the diffs. Great views and game will keep the thrills up and is ideal if planned as a weekend getaway.
Contact +27 (0)44 923-1872 for more details on this route.


Off Camber 4×4

Grade: 2-4
Terrain: Sand, rock, mud, dongas and riverbeds.
Closest Town: Port Elizabeth
This 17-kilometre trail offers just about anything you could want in a trail. From obstacles to scenic drives, the trail earns it’s grading due to the great variety of hindrances to conquer, while offering escape routes along the way. The trail can take four to six hours to complete and provides loads of excitement and thrills on the way.
Check out their website to learn more.

Tell us about your experience with these trails or mention your favourite Eastern Cape 4×4 trails that we may have missed in the comments below.

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