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Besides boosting drive appeal, fitting a fibreglass canopy has many additional benefits for your bakkie

High Quality Canopies and Accessories

Besides a slick look and feel, fitting a fibreglass canopy on your bakkie offers a vast variety of benefits.

Whether for work or leisure, a bakkie canopy is a great investment to make.

As an integral part of bakkie culture in South Africa, a fibreglass canopy will protect your goods, increase loading space, and elevate safety and security.

Besides boosting drive appeal, fitting a fibreglass canopy has many additional benefits for your bakkie

Tailor-Made Fibreglass Canopy

Not all bakkie canopies are built the same – and neither are the brands that we cater for.

Every vehicle brand is different and therefore require different variations in the base models that we manufacture and distribute across Southern Africa.

With this in mind, each Andy Cab bakkie canopy is custom hand-made to fit your specific vehicle.

Find out more about the intricate process involved in creating one of our industry-leading bakkie canopies.

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Benefits of a Bakkie Canopy

A bakkie canopy should be seen as more than a simple bakkie accessory –

It’s a durable extension of your vehicle that protects cargo and adds transport capabilities, turning your vehicle into a multi-faceted asset.

People often assume that bakkies are typically purchased for work purposes, suitable only for labourers and tradies.

This isn’t the case though, as many use their bakkie primarily as a family or leisure vehicle.

This has increased the need for more stylish canopies that not only make the bakkie more useable through all weather conditions, but also increase the drive appeal, courtesy of Andy Cab’s Slimline Design.

Over and above the slick design and the option to colour-matched your canopy to your business brand or vehicle colour, other more practical benefits include:

  • Protect your Goods: Provide all-year round and all-weather protection
  • Increase Security: transport goods without needing to worry about items being removed while driving, parking or stopping in traffic
  • Extend Load Bin Capabilities: loading space can be further increased by using bakkie roof rails
  • Increase Flexibility of Load Bay: whether for business or leisure, a bakkie canopy with the right accessories makes it possible to transport more versatile goods
  • Added Safety: whether it’s a pet, work equipment, or family members, a canopy allows you to securely transport them at the back of your bakkie

Andy Cab Doggy-Bars

Our fibreglass canopies are tailor designed to protect the goods that you’re transporting, and increase safety and security of your loading bay.

All our canopies are made from top quality, highly durable materials – providing a longer lifespan as it withstands the tough weather conditions each year.

Take advantage of these benefits, fit an Andy Cab Fibreglass Canopy today!

Boost Drive Appeal with our Tailor-Made Fibreglass Canopy 1

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