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Kilber Nudge Bars blog post image cover

When it comes to nudge bars and bull bars for LCV’s (Light Commercial Vehicle – or bakkie), Kilber’s Nudge and Bull Bars are known to be high-quality products that can be fitted on almost any vehicle.

Kilber Nudge Bars blog post image cover

Kilber nudge bars have a long history of durability and are made of high-quality mild steel to produce a nudge bar that can withstand a variety of minor collisions.  Its height on the bonnet also assists in knowing exactly where the front of the car is in order to help the driver with their parking without having to touch park.

Kilber nudge bars are perfectly designed to allow you to mount spotlights or radio antennas, where the full face bull bar offers greater protection and can mount additional gadgets.

In rural areas, some bakkie owners have been known to open and close non- motorized gates by literally nudging them. As well as give stubborn cattle a gentle nudge when they are unwilling to move from the road. The Kilber nudge bar allows you to do this without creating any kind of damage for the item being nudged or to the car itself.


Exploring Andy Cab Accessories

There is a large range of bakkie accessories that a bakkie owner might consider. Making the use of their vehicle more valuable depending on each individual need. Let’s have a quick overview on some of the most popular items.

Bakkie Linings 

To protect the load bay of your vehicle against rain and harsh sun, scratches and bumps; bakkie linings ultimately protect your vehicle from wear and tear and prevents you from having to do regular and costly repairs.

Tow Bars 

Powder coated tow bars are perfect for adding durable transport and towing capabilities to your vehicle. Our tow bars are ideally designed for your specific make of vehicle, making getting the job done right easier.

Side Steps 

Made by Kilber, these are a very practical addition to your vehicle, allowing your family to get in and out of the car with ease. Our side steps are made from stainless steel and are installed to guarantee durability while adding a great aesthetic effect.

Sports Roll Bars 

These are mostly purposed for aesthetics on the vehicle but does supply minor rollover protection for those off-roading enthusiasts who like to take their vehicles through their paces.


Our range of canopies is extensive and we can offer you the ideal canopy for the greatest variety of vehicle makes and models. Whether for personal or commercial use, we can supply you with the canopy best suited for your needs.

Canopy Roof Racks and Rails 

Increase the load space in the back of your vehicle by installing high-quality aluminium canopy roof racks, ideal for light-commercial and private use.

Andy Cab specialises in various bakkie and canopy accessories, perfectly designed for work and play. We are proud installers of Kilber Nudge Bars, as well as Kilber Bull Bars. Contact us if you have any questions or to find out where your closest fitment centre is. 

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