Andy Cab Off-road 4x4 Tyre Safety Tips 1

One of the most important aspects to 4x4ing is understanding the importance of tyre pressure. The most relevant tyre safety and pressure.  The best sand tyre pressure is a combination of many things, like what the bakkie-owner believes about the specific tyre pressures.


However, the tyres’, how they were manufactured, what the bakkie weighs, what type of load is on the bakkie and the width of the wheels, all these aspects plays and important role in finding the right sand tyre pressure in order to get the best results out of the vehicle. The best tyres to drive over soft sand, mud and so on are hard tyres. People who enjoy 4x4ing on sand and mud racing know that large tyres work best for this type of terrain. It’s very important to know what type of pattern ones tyres will need for a specific type of outdoor activity.

4×4 Tyre Safety Tips


If one wants to take ones bakkie on a ‘’muddy’’ drive, the best pattern for ones tyre are big lug and big voids. The big lugs provides more grip so that the bakkie doesn’t slip in the mud, while the big voids allows the tyres to get rid of any mud stuck between them. These type tyres also used for rock crawling as the big lugs provide excellent grip and helps to pull the vehicle up and over sharp, rocky terrains. The one very big disadvantage of this patterns is that it courses the bakkie to drive very rough and loud on the highway.

To reduce this problem, when the bakkie is driving at high speeds, choose a tyre with uneven spaced lugs and voids. Many times drivers want to take their bakkies into very soft sand terrain, therefore the best pattern to have on ones tyres is an all-terrain pattern. These tyres have an interlocked tread pattern with small cuts on them. The voids n these tyres are usually smaller than those on tyres that are designed for mud. The smaller voids make these tyres lot quieter on the road. This helps that the vehicle can safely drive over very soft sand.

Having many small cuts on the tyre is very important in soft sand where the number of edges, including small edges, piercing into the sand that provides the grip for the vehicle. The disadvantage of these tyres are that the smaller voids can’t clean themselves as easily as the bigger voids can. If the voids fill up with mud the tyre loses its grip and the driver is at very high risk of losing control over the car. Many manufacturers also offer a family of tyres called trail tyres.

These tyres are designed for lightweight bakkies.or sport cars that are seen on the roads every day. These tyres are much quieter, they get better gas distances and last longer than other tyres. The tread patterns are designed to provide comfort on the road which can sometimes compromise with 4x4ing.