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Premium Quality Canopies

Andy Cab is one of South Africa’s most well-recognised bakkie canopy brands, manufacturing some of the best fibreglass canopies for sale. We stay up-to-date with all engineering advances within the canopy industry to ensure that we offer our clients only the best products.

We manufacture using the highest quality materials. Our canopies are quality checked at various stages of the production line before being installed at one of our fitment centres throughout South Africa.

The canopy shell is handmade and carries a three-year warranty. Each one of our canopies are matched to the colour of the vehicle it’s going to be fitted to. By using a high-quality gel coat and paint every canopy is protected from the harsh South African climate.

Canopies That Suit South Africa And It’s Bakkies

At Andy Cab our range caters for most of the leading bakkie manufacturers in South Africa. Here is a list of the brands:

Our range of bakkie canopies are made in different sizes and specs to match the needs of our customers:

  • Double Cab
  • Extended Cab, also called Super Cab, Club Cab or Cab and a half.
  • Half Tonner
  • LWB

It’s more than a simple bakkie accessory. Contact Andy Cab to request a quote on any of our canopy ranges today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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