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Our Canopy Range

All bakkie canopies are not created equal. Considering the myriad of canopies for sale out there, you could be forgiven for assuming the differences between them are a moot point. Does it really matter which brand of canopy you use to cover your bakkie’s load bin? Yes, it does, and cheap is not always cheerful. Andy Cab bakkie canopies are different from the rest and that is because they are not made like the rest. For one, quality is not negotiable.

Our canopies use accurate moulds and are finished by hand to ensure that it is a perfect fit for your bakkie. We inspect these moulds frequently to ensure consistency and quality. After the canopies emerge from their moulds, they are trimmed, polished, and assembled by hand. The African sun is harsh, so each canopy’s uses a high-quality, UV-resistant gel coating to prevent fading and flaking. We use the same uncompromising approach to material and assembly quality for the canopies we offer for sale. They are made to stand the test of time, even in Africa.

Besides offering the best quality bakkie canopy available, a selection of accessories is available for sale to customise your canopy to your heart’s content. Among the extras available are high-level brake lights, a curved rear window, doggy bars, tonneau covers, roof racks, gullwing windows, and even a polyurethane bin lining. You can opt to have your canopy’s windows protected by anti-smash-and-grab tinting as well. You can specify it with windows or without and add a cab slider window if you want.

We don’t bid you farewell when you drive off with your brand-new canopy; you have the peace of mind of our comprehensive warranty. The fibreglass shell is covered for 3 years and all mechanical parts for 1 year. If you bring it back after the first 6 weeks, we will check the fit and do any final adjustments to accommodate any settling that has happened. We will even perform a lubrication service for free every 6 months for 3 years. With Andy Cab, we don’t just offer normal bakkie canopies for sale; we offer the best expertise and quality that 25 years of industry experience can bring you.

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