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GWM canopies from AndyCab makes for a good addition to a GWM Steed: the Roadrunner GWM Canopy line comes with a UV Resistant Gel Coat, SABS Safety glass, fibreglass rear door and a fixed glass panel.

As with any canopy, the GWM Canopies comes with Andy Cab’s famous warranty.

The leading SUV and pickup manufacturer in China, Great Wall Motor Company Limited takes its name from the most iconic phenomena in China. The Great Wall of China is one of the great marvels made by people and GWM group takes inspiration from its greatness, ingenuity and success.

Focusing on SUVs, pickups and PCs, GWM has exported its vehicles around the globe. Since its establishment in 1984, it has continued to provide customers with desired vehicles. Its numerous awards are testament to GWM’s success.

Their pickups include the Great Wall Deer, Steed (or Wingle) models. A double cab Steed has a 2 L, turbo diesel common rail engine: It also comes with 105kW and 305 N-m. This bakkie can help the average user in many ways, especially with the power it can deliver on consistently.
GWM Double Cabs feature a 4 cylinder in line engine, maximum power of 78kW, and torque of 190Nm. To go with these and other features, the Platinum range for GWM Double Cab canopies comes with integrated air ducting, roof spoilers and has optional extras, like Smash and Grab window tinting and sporty roof racks.

Whether it’s a double cab or a Steed, Andy Cab’s GWM canopies has a canopy to suit your needs.

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