Hyundai Canopies


The Hyundai H100 bakkie has been on sale in South Africa for years. Upon its launch in 1997, it was just called the Hyundai Bakkie. It has struck a chord with local buyers and today, the H100 is very popular for its compact, cab-forward footprint, low running costs, and flatbed, 1,3-tonne load bin. Andy Cab canopies offers a canopy for the H100, usefully extending the pick-up’s practicality and protecting your cargo from the elements. The load bed is perfectly flat with no wheel-arches intrusion and the canopy’s roof is level with the H100’s, resulting in a huge, square, and fully usable space.

Customise It

As with all our canopies, the Hyundai H100 canopy’s precision mould is layered in a UV-resistant gel coating. The windows are automotive quality safety glass and the centre panes of the side glass slide open for easy access. For added utility, you can specify a reinforced fibreglass roof for carrying rooftop loads. Anti-smash-and-grab window tinting can be added, along with doggy bars, and a polyurethane bin lining, and we have a range of tow bars and nudge bars should you need.


Our canopies are guaranteed for 3 years and their mechanical parts for 1 year. A 6-month adjustment service is free, as are 6-monthly lubrication services for 3 years.