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Mazda canopies


Andy Cab offers Mazda canopies for the BT-50 double cab. The Mazda BT-50 canopy has a UV resistant gel coat preventing flaking and discolouring.

Known around the world as a company synonymous with quality, Mazda encompasses all the important aspects we want from cars. They leapt into the spotlight when they took the lead on the Wankel engine, known for its rotary design.

They’ve seen success in modern times through shifting numerous models; winning numerous competitions, like Le Mans and One Lap of America,; and being a manufacturer anyone – from high flying business person to parent – can depend on.

In Mazda bakkies, all the innovations the company is renowned for has been poured into its various bakkie line-up. The Mazda BT-50 launched with resounded success, with people noticing the “50” stood for its being “between half and one ton” bakkie. And on this it delivers.

The Mazda Canopies Platinum range comes with automotive styled curved glass rear door, secured with a locking mechanism. This is aided by stylish roof side rails and overhead ceiling console.

Importantly, Andy Cab offers optional extras for the Mazda Canopies: Reinforced fibreglass roof for heavier loads and roof top tents, along with sporty Roof racks and “Smash and Grab” window tinting.

Each Mazda Bt-50 canopy comes with Andy Cab’s 3 year warranty on the canopy’s fibreglass shell, free adjustment, setup and tightening six weeks after fitment, and a free 6 month lubrication service for 3 years.

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