Stainless Steel Canopies


Stainless steel is an extremely strong and durable alloy that is impervious to rust and corrosion and therefore lasts a very long time. Our stainless-steel canopies are the last word in toughness, but they are not just functional and practical, they are also good-looking. They are precision designed using CAD software and use laser cutting, CNC bending, and TIG welding in the manufacturing process to ensure unmatched quality control and consistency.

What Do You Get?

Besides the obvious quality of stainless steel, our canopies come with front cab slider windows, toughened rear glass, 2 gas struts per door and Furnlock lever locks. On our single-cab canopies, you can specify whether you want the side gullwing doors to be split 50:50 or 60:40. Three roof rails are bent into the roof section and we provide pre-cut mounting holes in the roof. Finally, we can colour-code it to any preferred colour; the secondary door colour can also be specified. Our canopies are all delivered in bubble wrap and complete with all the necessary brackets and bolts – and a fitment manual. Three sets of keys are provided and all the locks are keyed alike.

Every stainless-steel canopy is precision-engineered with your real-life requirements in mind.