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VW Canopies


Andy Cab VW Canopies make perfect additions to the Amarok itself: with stylish roof rails, integrated fresh air ducts, Smokey Grey Safety Glass and UV resistant gel coat.

VW Amaroks also come in LWB forms, with a max power of 96kW, 5 cylinder, 2.0L turbo diesel engine. Andy Cab’s VW canopies come with glazed, flush mounted sliding windows, fibreglass rear door with glazed rear window and a fixed glass panel, with option to upgrade to cab slider, SABS safety glass and more. The VW canopies also come with additions like Smash and Grab window tinting and sport roof racks. Whether double cabs or Lowline, LWB, Andy Cab VW canopies has the right fit for you.

The world’s second biggest automaker is based out of Wolfsburg, Germany. VW is known as the company that spends the most on research and development for its vehicles. Volkswagen is, of course, German for “people’s car”, having been developed decades ago to be affordable to the average German. The entire town of Wolfsburg was built to house VW’s workers, allowing for faster, consistent and more reliable production of its vehicles.

Famous for various models, like the iconic Bug and Beetle, VW also specialise in trucks and bakkies. For example, the VW Amarok Dual Cab is a 6-speed, turbo diesel bakkie. With 1,968cc and maximum torque of 340Nm @ 2000 RPM, the Amarok is a powerful tool for a variety of heavy duties.

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