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Sporty Roof Rack

  • sporty roof rack made from aluminium by andy cab canopies


Andy Cab have been in the business of manufacturing, supplying and fitting high-quality canopies for over a decade. We take… read more




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Andy Cab have been in the business of manufacturing, supplying and fitting high-quality canopies for over a decade. We take the same pride, expertise and attention to detail when fitting our aluminium sporty roof racks.

Because we manufacture many vehicle brands canopies by hand, we ensure that the roof racks fit that canopy securely and accurately. Giving your canopy increased versatility and possibly increasing the resale value on your bakkie.

Features of Andy Cab Roof Racks

• Manufactured from high-quality aluminium
• Black aluminum-brushed finish
• Ideal for light-commercial & leisure usage
• Increases the load space on your vehicle
• Frees up the load space within your vehicle

Bumper to Windscreen Canopy Racks

Roof racks that run from the bakkie bumper to the windscreen are a great addition for heavy industrial or commercial usage and offer additional versatility. The rear roof racks placed on the canopy work in conjunction with a rack placed on the front of the cab. Most of the weight is placed on the rear racks, while the front rack above the occupants, is used to secure.

Sporty roof racks allow you to free up the cargo area of your bakkie, giving you increased space to transport goods that are wider or longer than the load bay of your bakkie. Roof racks turn your bakkie into a utility vehicle, perfect for transporting commercial and leisure items such as canoes, surfboards, ladders, piping, bicycles and light wood paneling. It also means you can carry luggage, camping gear, leisure equipment and more above the bakkie, giving you more space to load the back of your bakkie.

Sporty Roof Rack Fitment

All canopy roof racks are fitted by competent and professional technicians that take over a decades of technical knowledge to fit each roof rack to the fibreglass canopy. Great care must be taken when placing, aligning and fitting the roof rail to make sure that the area isn’t damaged, all areas are not only secure and properly sealed to avoid water leaking through and damaging the interior of the canopy and load bay. Make sure you choose an Andy Cab Fitment Centre that can be found across South Africa from the main cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria to major areas such as the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern-Cape and Northern Cape.

Fit a sporty roof rack that will last, fit an Andy Cab Sporty Roof Rack – enquire today!

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