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Vehicle Window Tinting

  • VW Double Cab Canopy with tinted windows


There are many benefits to having your canopy windows tinted. It not only makes your bakkie and canopy look great… read more




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There are many benefits to having your canopy windows tinted. It not only makes your bakkie and canopy look great but it’s economically advised too. Having tinted canopy windows protects the interior of your canopy, preserving its resale value of the canopy and your vehicle.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause damage to the interior of your bakkie and easily passes through non-tinted windows. Causing discomfort to pets that are travelling or could cause irreversible damage to goods in transit.

Features of canopy window tinting

• Improved privacy – stop the prying eyes looking into the back of your bakkie by tinting the windows.•

• Added security – having tinted canopy windows decreases the chance of theft in smash & grab scenarios, as the glass is held together after an impact from objects.

• Increased safety – tinting your canopy windows keeps shattering glass from damaging your goods or harming your pets. There are many factors that can cause your windows to break, such as theft, vandalism and accidents. Tint your windows to create a glass safety net.

• Higher Resale Value – Improve your vehicle’s appearance and keep the interior of your canopy area in good condition, which could improve your vehicle’s resale value.

• Greater Aesthetic Appeal – enhance the look of your vehicle by adding high-quality window tinting to your canopy, which creates a stylish exterior appearance.

• Varied tints available – match the tinting grade on the rest of your vehicle or change the grade of the tinting for just your canopy, for additional privacy and protection.

Protect and secure your canopy’s windows, call us today.

Window Tinting for Protection (Tinting Scaling)

We know how damaging the sun’s UV rays can be, they can easily age goods that are left in the back of your bakkie, if exposed to high amounts of UV. Getting your canopy windows tinted can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing heat absorption and protecting goods, equipment or luggage from deteriorating.

The tinting scale is quite vast and determines how visible you want the interior of the cab to be from the outside.

Reduce Glare with Tinted Windows

We know how tinting your vehicle’s windows can reduce glare and reflections from windows on buildings that catch the sun and reflect it into your eyes. Tinting your canopy windows does the same. It effectively reduces glare and heat on hot days, while keeping the canopy area warm on cold ones by regulating the temperature.

Contact us now to get high-quality canopy window tinting.

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