Find Your Perfect Fibreglass Canopy Today

Our high-quality fibreglass canopy range includes practical features and accessories to suit your every business or leisure lifestyle need.

We offer the slick & stylish Platinum Canopy Range and the rough & tough Roadrunner Canopy Range.

Not sure which canopy for sale is the perfect fit for your bakkie? Let’s explore the many features and accessories included with each, as well as the optional extras available to choose from.

Platinum Andy Cab Canopy Range

With its stylish curved shape and desirable trimmings, the Platinum Canopy Range doesn’t only look fantastic, it also provides practical solutions for storage and transportation.
Whether for business or leisure, a Andy Cab Platinum fibreglass canopy will transform your bakkie into a multifaceted asset.

Platinum Canopy Features:

  • Full Curved Rear Glass Door: creating a sleek and modern profile for your bakkie.
  • Spoiler with High-Level Brake Light: making your bakkie more aerodynamic and safer to drive, as it’ll be much easier for other motorists to see when you’re braking.
  • Dual Locking Mechanisms: improving the practicality and functionality of your bakkie.
  • Roof Side Rails: providing the option to place surf boards, surf skis or other larger items on your bakkie’s roof.
  • Battery Operated Interior Light: makes accessing your loadbin at night much easier and is great when camping with the family.
  • Bond On Side Sliding Windows: Toughened automotive glass, which are bonded on, and come with darker tint glass for ultimate style and effectiveness.
  • Body Colour-Matching: allowing you to match your new canopy with your vehicle or brand colour, UV-paint used.

Roadrunner X Andy Cab Canopy Range

Produced to the same high standard as the Platinum Range, the Roadrunner Canopy range is designed for the tough and highly demanding environment of commercial and fleet sectors.

Take your bakkie from tough to near-indestructible with this durable canopy that protects cargo, adds transport capabilities and increases the versatility of your vehicle.

Roadrunner Canopy Features:

  • Toughened Automotive Safety Glass: for increased safety and durability.
  • Rubber glazed side windows.
  • UV Resistant Gel coat: allowing your canopy to withstand the harsh South African weather conditions
  • Body Colour-Matching: allowing you to match your new canopy with your vehicle or brand colour, UV-paint used.
  • Lockable Slam latches

Canopy Optional Extras

No matter what canopy you choose you can take toughness and versatility up a notch with the following extras:

  • Reinforced Fibreglass Roof: making it possible to carry even heavier loads.
  • Contractors Cab-Over Roof Racks: steel roof racks affixed to the strongest parts of your bakkie to create a solid frame on which to carry larger and heavier loads.
  • Sporty Roof Racks: side rails that add a sporty edge to your bakkie, allowing you to put surf boards, surf ski etc. on your roof.
  • Smash and Grab Window Tinting: protects the interior of your canopy, helps reduce glare, and improves privacy and aesthetics, while helping to preserve the resale value of your canopy and vehicle.

If you are still not settled on which canopy you want we can always mix and match features between the ranges to match your exact needs and budget. Call one of our sales consultants today who will guide you through this process and answer any questions you have.