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“The road goes on forever…
And the party never ends…”

If you weren’t one of the crews criss-crossing their way through Southern Africa this past June, then you missed out on some of the best adventures that can (legally) be had. If you missed it this year, you better make a plan for 2014.

Five countries, 8000 kilometres, 60 crews and 18 days – those are the numbers that define the Put Foot Rally. Among the courageous bunch was team Naturally Driven, driving a canopied Isuzu KB that AndyCab was very happy to be one of the sponsors of.

This isn’t the Dakar Rally though. It’s not a race and there’s no prize for first place (although there is a nod for having the most outrageous looking vehicle). If there is any competition, it’s that you’re on a quest to have the craziest stories to tell, enjoy the most beautiful sights of Africa, and have the most unforgettable experiences.

This year, everyone was a winner.

It’s not all plain sailing though, because sooner or later you or someone else is bound to land up in some sort of hot water. But that’s where the most fun is usually to be had. If you’re really lucky you might have to outdrive a herd of stampeding elephants. On the less exciting days, your need for adrenalin will have to be satiated with river rafting and bungee jumping.

Along the way you pay your respects to the local taverns, savour the traditional cuisine, and mingle with the locals. At night you may have to share your campsite with a few specimens of African wildlife, curious about the good-natured human revelry afoot.

And you don’t need a fully kitted out Jeep to brave the journey. This year, we saw crews in a mini, an 80’s VW Beetle, and a 4×4 covered in pink velvet…

So if you’re up for exploring the continent, having lekker braais in the African outback, and making awesome new friends, register for the next Put Foot Rally and pile a few of your closest mates together in your vehicle of choice.

Put Foot Rally