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Go all the way with your 4x4 – Karoo Adventures Trail Review 1

Danie Le Roux is the owner of Karoo Adventures and has worked hard in the last two years to make the place a haven for 4×4 adventures. On the four-generation-old farm, 6 trails have been mapped out, including a two-day trek that dates back to 1756 and which was originally created by mule-wagons.

The trails cater for a variety of drivers and vehicles of different capabilities, and range from the treacherous Ratel Route to the rocky Karoo Route. There is even a ‘Wintertrek” route perfect for those with a 4×2 vehicle who just want to enjoy nature.

It was in 1993 that Danie began retracing the mule-wagon tracks his father and grandfather had once used to get goods to and from neighbouring towns. Today, 4×4 drivers, hikers, and quad bikers can follow these trails of old in new and exciting ways.

The main trail is 35km long and is made up of 2 parts – the Karoo section and a mountain section which is more scenic than (and not as technical) as the Karoo section.

To shortcut the mountain section which runs up to an altitude of over 1500m ASL, you can use the Ratel Route, which zigzags its way straight up the side of the mountain. Unfortunately, you will have to soldier through a variety of treacherous rocky outcrops and bushes, so make sure your vehicle is up to it. However, with all the trails on offer, you are guaranteed to be busy – no matter what you drive.

Because of a clay base, all trails become very slippery in winter, and snow tends to fall on the farm due to its high altitude, which averages around 1100m ASL. So if you go there in winter, you’ll definitely need mud terrains just to get to the trails, never mind go on them.

The farm, which is very remote, is great for nature lovers, with its caracal and leopards threatening Danie’s roaming sheep. There are also hundreds of birds and bees, and the area is covered by Fynbos. This can all be spotted from the chalets and campsites on the farm.

There are various accommodation options for visitors, including unserviced bush camps, a hut, campsites with ablutions, and two chalets.

For those of you who love excitement, the farm also offers some of the highest zip lines in South Africa. Spanning a 90m-high gorge (which is also an extreme 4×4 challenge), six zip lines zigzag their way down the valley between wooden platforms built into the side of the mountain. All participants are given high-end harnesses and a hand brake, and there is an emergency brake at the end of each line, making these some of the safest zip lines in the country.

Whether you’re a nature lover, adrenaline junkie or just love 4×4 driving, Karoo Adventures has it all. It’s far enough away for you to feel like you have escaped civilisation, but close enough for a night away. Definitely a place to visit.

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