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Why choose Andy Cab?

How we hand-make our canopies

Why choose Andy Cab Canopies? We decided to let you in on a secret – on how we make our industry leading fibreglass canopies from scratch. There is no mass production or one-size-fits-all at our manufacturing facility in Cape Town, where all our fibreglass canopies are produced. Although we provide high-quality bakkie canopies for the leading bakkie vehicle brands, each vehicle is unique, and so is each custom hand-made Andy Cab canopy.

We’ve combined over 20 years of manufacturing experience to produce the custom moulds for all leading bakkie brands. Each mould is frequently inspected for defects to ensure that all canopies manufactured, are strong structurally and can withstand the pressures of being used in the commercial, industrial, business and leisure sectors.

The moulds are layered by hand, with internationally approved fiberglass and resin, using the techniques built up over the years to determine the most effective process to creating each canopy. the layers are smoothed and air bubbles pushed out to create a smooth form. Once the layers have dried, the interior is hand sanded, sealed for weather proofing and painted.

Once the canopy is formed within the mould, it is released and a similar process is applied to the exterior of the canopy. Hand sanding processes gets the exterior ultra-smooth before it is layered with UV-resistant coatings to withstand the harsh South African climates and prevents flaking to discolouration. High-quality sealants are applied on top of this to completely weatherproof the canopy before drying and painting.

Whether you are using our canopies for big business, commercial, fleet or for your own personal vehicle, each canopy can be customised. You can have the canopy colour-matched to your business branding or vehicle colour, curved rear window design, high-level brake lights or any of our standard fixtures on our Platinum and RoadRunner range. Our bakkie canopy accessories include doggy bars, roof racks, tonneau covers, poly bakkie bin lining, window tinting and gull wing windows.

There are so many facets to making an Andy Cab Canopy – and we’re keeping a few tricks of the trade close to our hearts – but in a nutshell, that is how each and every bakkie canopy is made. Pretty amazing the amount of expertise and quality materials goes into your canopy before it is fitted at any of our fitment centres.